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Air Conditioning Maintenance Catalina Foothills AZ

Looking for AC Maintenance in catalina foothills AZ?

We offer great air conditioning maintenance in Catalina Foothills and all of Pima Cunty AZ. If you want your AC to work effectively and for a long time, make its maintenance a routine. A well-maintained AC unit will save you money as well as your electricity bills. Are you aware that our homes' central AC systems operate for about 2,000 hours annually? Just think of using such a system for the whole year without maintenance. Wouldn't that be overstretching the system and compromising its performance?

Air Conditioning Maintenance Catalina Foothills Arizona

Air Conditioning Maintenance Catalina Foothills Arizona

What is the importance of AC maintenance practice?

Normally, as we use our AC systems, dirt and dust will get into them limiting their productivity hence, they will not run as properly as they should. With routine maintenance, all hitched including the seemingly minor ones can be realized. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, the price for routine maintenance will be affordable utility bills and low repair costs.

Reasons why you should plan to have routine AC maintenance services.   

  • Huge machines such as air conditioning and heating systems have a great impact on utility bills. The impact of an AC system with defects on your utility bills is way higher than the routine maintenance cost incurred. Therefore, it becomes quite necessary to do the periodic maintenance service to slash down the cost.

  • If you desire to prolong the life and the performance of your AC then you must ensure that they are properly maintained.

  • AC units also require periodic tune-ups. This is not unique as it also applies to cars and other machines. If you have clear maintenance services, the system will keep a standard temperature that is needed for operation.

  • Our Catalina Foothills Arizona maintenance services comprise of various levels such as cleaning air filters, inspecting mechanical functions, and electrical connections among others. 

  • There is a notion among homeowners that AC maintenance is too expensive and unnecessary. Nevertheless, the truth is, regular AC maintenance is too expensive as compared to meeting repair or replacement costs.

  • Scheduled maintenance service gives inner peace and comfort particularly when you have no option but to find AC service. It is desirable to have a bi-yearly maintenance schedule for your AC system.

AC Maintenance Catalina Foothills AZ

Other Facts Worth Noting

  • Consider lubricating the gears and other movable parts of the HVAC system. Lack of lubrication can lead to more resistance inside the motors thus using more electricity than needed. Furthermore, it can make the system wear down faster hence demanding regular replacement or repair.

  • Inspecting the blower parts, tuning, and washing them is an AC maintenance practice. This will aid in ensuring that the system maintains a suitable airflow, therefore, allowing the system to keep the suitable humidity and temperature levels. Remember, airflow problems will affect your system's performance by about 15%.

  • As a homeowner, try to do a regular inspection, changing and cleaning of the air filter (s). Monthly inspections would do well in keeping your energy bills in addition to preventing damages to your system that make balloon to an untimely system breakdown.

Maintenance Protocol.

  • Reduce your cooling expenses by periodically conducting a complete checking and tune-up of your system with the help of an authorized technician.

  • As our mode of operation, there will be an arrangement between the buyer and Catalina Foothills Arizona AC service provider to offer maintenance services on the heating and air conditioning system(s)

  • Our regular inspection of your system will be as per the factory-suggested procedures that will comprise of below checklist as fit to your air conditioning equipment.

Check List

  • Decent air conditioning filters.

  • A solution for AC refrigeration flows.

  • Manage condensate pan.

  • Provision of air conditioning drains lines.

  • AC belt tension adjustment

  • Inspect air conditioning thermostat performance.

  • Inspect AC refrigerant pressure

  • Review amps and volts.

  • Oil bearings.

  • Inspect AC safety measures.

  • Service call charges are not applicable for air conditioning.

  • Air conditioning repair services will attract a discount.

  • All parts, labor, and materials necessary for emergency and repair services will be entrusted to the air conditioning system owner at our official charges less the discount applicable at the moment.

  • New customers purchasing an air conditioner will get a discount (about 10%) or the applicable discount rates at the time of purchase.

  • You will get a full copy of the engineer's report who served your system. The report will entail work done during the inspection and suggestions of work that need to be performed.

  • Our technical team will guide you in the service of your AC system to give the most magnificent operating effectiveness.

  • Air Pros of Catalina Foothills Arizona will offer special service to agreement holders.

Service Areas

Air Pros provides AC maintenance services to residents and businesses in Pima County, Tucson, Green Valley, Southeast Tucson, Sahuarita, Dove Mountain, Catalina Foothills, and Oro Valley
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