Improve the Air Quality and Safety in Your Home. 

Tucson's Air Pros, Inc. is a licensed APCO, AIR-X and MERV distributor, fully trained on the latest in all things Air Quality. Below you will find seasonal incentives on products and introduction to whole-home solutions we can offer Air Pros customers! 


Bacteria (S.epidermidis) – 98.85%

Virus (MS2 coliphage) – 99.03%

Mold (A.niger) – 78.8%

Odors (VOCs) – 99.9%

Conventional filtration is effective against particulates, like dust, but has no effect on the other two thirds. APCO® is proven to safely reduce both VOCs and biological contaminants inside the air system and throughout the home.


Whole-house air treatment systems detox the air as it is circulated by the HVAC system. They feature a unique combination of UV-C light and activated carbon which achieves unmatched microbial and odor reduction without producing any harmful ozone. This technology is particularly effective at reducing odor-causing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which include toxic chemical vapors like formaldehyde and toluene.

A Full-Spectrum Approach Can Eliminate 79-99% of Contaminates:

Merv Filters Available at a Special Price. Call for Details.

A filter that goes the extra mile. The MERV 13 filter captures everything of lower rated filters, plus virus carriers, smoke, and aerosols. It's great for creating cleaner, healthier air for your home.

Great for everyday filtration. The MERV 8 basic filter is great for reducing the amount of dust and other larger particles from the air.


People with pets and/or allergies would greatly benefit from this advanced filtration level. MERV 11 filters reduc pet dander, dust, pollen, mold spores, and other particles that are present in your home's air.


First level (CODE1) we service your home from the exterior only. Filters will be left at your doorstep. Only if it is absolutely necessary to enter your home, gloves and masks will be worn prior to entry. When you call, ask for details. 520.886.3164 

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