Air Pros' AP Green Initiative™ is one dedicated to Maximizing the Efficiency of any home or office in an effort to reduce cost (to the consumer), reduce waste (energy consumption) and effectively Minimizing 'Cost'.

tep efficient Home program

Tucson's Air Pros, Inc. is an approved contractor that is participating in the TEP Efficient Home Program. Below you will find some of the incentives we can offer Air Pros customers!


Improve the safety, comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

The TEP Efficient Home Program provides rebates for AC upgrades and other improvements that make your home more energy efficient. To qualify, eligible work must be performed by a participating contractor.




Nest Learning Thermostat (see details) 

Outdoor Coil Cleaning



ENERGY STAR® AC/Heat Pump Quality Installation

(with early retirement of qualifying existing system)

up to $575 

ENERGY STAR® AC/Heat Pump Quality Installation

up to $375 

Duct Sealing (varies based on actyal leakage reduced)

up to $300 

Advanced AC Tuneup:

Refrigerant Charge Repair


Indoor Coil Cleaning



Western Cooling Control


Contact us today if you would like to be able to get an instant rebate cleaning and maintaining you A/C system or a complete system replacement!

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