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Discounts with our Partner Tucson Electric Power!

Would you like to take advantage of a huge discount?

Air Pros is partnered with TEP to offer you the customer a huge saving on your ac repair / replacement, up to $900 in rebates!


Take advantage of these cost-saving rebates.

Because the more energy you save, Air Pros, Inc., a TEP Participating Contractor is willing to offer you up to $900 off a new HVAC system as well as rebates and incentives for more efficient air conditioning system improvements!

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Here is a sample list of services that you can save on!


AC Tune-ups
Duct Sealing
Electric Vehicle Chargers
Heating & Cooling Systems

Smart Thermostats
Shade Trees
Water Heaters & Pool Pumps

Almost all of the energy use in a typical home comes from heating and cooling, bet you didn’t know that did you?

If your Air conditioning unit and heating unit is not working properly, then you’re wasting energy. Now you can see why TEP has partnered with Air Pros to offer you savings. It’s simple, when a system is replaced or your unit is brought up to full speed, you get a discount for bringing your system updated to save. So by doing so, you save money and you get a discount!

Here's what you need to do.

OUR efficient Home program


Air Pros offers you an IMMEDIATE REBATE! No this isn’t a gimmick, it’s called a rebate but technically it’s a discount because we brunt the costs!


This is true for the purchase and installation of a new ENERGY STAR® air conditioning and heat pump so long as you purchase it through Air Pros because we are an authorized contractor!


Save money while keeping your home comfy all year long!

The rebate which is a discount, is taken off the purchase price when you retire an older working unit or a non-working AC unit. Rebates also are available for duct sealing and AC tune-ups. To qualify for the rebates, you must use an authorized Efficient Home Program contractor such as Air Pros. This ensures your equipment or services were properly completed, inspected, and tested for the best performance.




Outdoor Coil Cleaning


ENERGY STAR® AC/Heat Pump Quality Installation

(with early retirement of qualifying existing system)

up to $900

ENERGY STAR® AC/Heat Pump Quality Installation

up to $650

Duct Sealing (varies based on actyal leakage reduced)

up to $300

Advanced AC Tuneup: (up to $135)

Refrigerant Charge Repair


Indoor Coil Cleaning



Western Cooling Control: $70

A one-time $70 rebate on the installation of a Western Cooling Control™ also is available to customers. This device runs the AC fan a few minutes longer after the unit turns off to force all of the cooled air out of the ducts and into your home.

Air Pros is a TEP-approved contractor.

Call us now and let us save you money.



Air Pros' AP Green Initiative™ is one dedicated to Maximizing the Efficiency of any home or office in an effort to reduce cost (to the consumer), reduce waste (energy consumption) and effectively Minimizing 'Cost'.

Contact us today if you would like to be able to get an instant rebate cleaning and maintaining you A/C system or a complete system replacement!