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Weather is a phenomenon that we have no absolute control over. Perhaps, the only way we can manipulate it to suit our needs is by using air conditioning equipment. Still, you need an efficient air conditioning unit to achieve that. Therefore, taking care of your air conditioner all the time and putting it on a stand-by mode is necessary. Here are the best air conditioning tips for summer to help you achieve that with ease. You'll be happy to have a cool environment to rest in after the day's chores in the comfort of your home.

Air conditioning tips to save energy

Routinely check and change your filters.

This is one of the golden tips for keeping your A/C unit healthy during summer. Stick to the suitable type of filters for your A/C unit and conform to the ideal procedures for cleaning and changing it.

Try to rinse and vacuum the reusable filters when after a while as a maintenance measure. You can replace them to optimize their performance should you notice a problem in their performance. Should use disposable filters; note the date to help you remember the dates for replacement. Make the replacement a routine so that it becomes part of your recurrent duties.

Don't open and close your windows and doors too often

It's normal to be tempted to open or close your doors and windows at home to enjoy the summer breeze. Unfortunately, that will impact the operation of your A/C. How does that happen? The air conditioning unit operates by sensing the surrounding temperature and cycling continuously in an on and off cycle to suit the setting you chose. When you regularly open and close your windows or doors, your system will have to work harder to meet the rising and falling of the temperature.

Provide a clear surrounding for your outdoor unit

Always make sure that there are no plants, debris, weeds, and tall grasses near your outdoor unit as they can hider airflow hence reducing the efficiency of your air conditioner. Endeavor to keep the encompassing area correctly managed to ensure that nothing hinders the system’s capacity to operate.

Air conditioning maintenance tips

Plan yearly maintenance inspections with an expert

Conducting regular maintenance under your timelines is a challenge as most people will forget to do it at the right time. As such, the best practice is to have a legitimate HVAC firm clean and check your A/C system regularly. Apart from the timelines issues, a professional company will presumably be knowledgeable about your unit. For instance, experts can help identify and diagnose inherent problems before they grow into a big problem that may render it ineffective in the time of need like summer. A properly planned maintenance routine may also come with affordable charges before the peak season.

Only use your A/C unit while you are at home.

While you may be torn between keeping your unit at a consistent temperature all the time and setting it to a greater temperature when you're away, you may be forced to look at it from a different perspective. You can indeed save some energy and money if you choose to keep a regular temperature while at home. Nevertheless, you need to let your A/C unit rest when you're not around. From the U.S. Department of Energy, it's is recommendable to leave your air conditioning thermostat at about 78°F when you are at home and adjust it up some degrees warmer when you're away.

Should you feel that you may forget to adjust the thermostat all the time and you're willing to spend a little more, get a programmable thermostat. This will change as per the times and other settings you will choose.

Make use of your ceiling fans

With an appropriate adjustment of your ceiling fans, you can achieve the desired temperature. For example, if you revolve the blades clockwise, the airflow will be directed downwards thus preventing hotter air from ascending and prompting the air conditioner to kick on.

Consider buying window films or tints

Installing films or tinting your windows can aid in keeping your residence cooler by mitigating the impacts of the sun. In case your home is lightly hit by the sun shining in, you can maintain the thermostat settings at a degree or two greater. That way, your A/C system won't have to strain in a bid to meet the variations due to sunlight edging in.

Make sure to have a service plan Here

First, let’s differentiate between a regular maintenance service and a contract. A maintenance service is a one-time call in for tune-ups and cleaning for HVAC systems. They spruce your HVAC system up, improving performance, maximizing energy-efficiency and lowering costs, and ensuring you get a long, healthy lifespan out of your heating and cooling system. A service contract is also all of these things. It’s just more long-term. Service contracts are plans and contracts for routine service. They can be pursued yearly, or you can go for a longer contract as you choose. But that’s not all a maintenance agreement is. With maintenance agreements you get all of the service of a maintenance visit, plus you also get discounts, priority service, routine services, and even cuts on labor costs.

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